Registration Procedure

Pictorial Image processor is a Shareware program developed by Retiarius Pty Ltd. Here are simple steps to register your copy of Pictorial Image processor 

1. Payment is implemented through eBay's PayPal system. Retiarius Pty Ltd has no access to you private financial information. To order your copy of Pictorial Image Processor press the PayPal's Buy Now button below. The price is AU$99. For the Australian customers the price includes GST.

2. When we receive the payment we include your details in the customer database and will email you the payment identifier which you will use filling in the Registration Form. Please allow a working day for processing.

3. On reciept of the confirmation email open Registration Form and get your unique licence identifier which you will store in license.dat file on the computer where you run your Pictorial Image Processor. This file is created on your computer when you run the Pictorial Image Processor for the first time. Copy and paste your payment identified and a 96 character string from you current license.dat file into the appropriate fields of the form. Copy and paste the new value generated for you into the license.dat file and save the modified license.dat file.

1. If your email is not something like
or     knight@high.castle.hill
or     sir.lancelot@lake.castle
or     sir.lancelot@lake.castle.mote
please contact our support at

4. The licence identifier is based on hardware of the computer where license.dat file was created. You may need to get a new identifier, if you change your identifier or decide to move the application to another computer. To get a new identifier just open Registration Form and get another copy or write to . In case of large number of frequent requests from the same user for new identifiesr we reserve the right to suspend issuing identifiers until we discuss the matter with you.


Privacy Statement

The input of personal data, email address takes place voluntarily. Retiarius Pty Ltd under no circumstances will disclose the personal information you supplied to us. We request this information for sole purpose of communication with you.