How to download, install and run Pictorial Image Processor©

For convenience of installation Pictorial Image Processor© and its examples are packaged into a single self-extracting compressed installation file which creates a desirable directory structure. After downloading the installation file from this site run it to install the application. We encourage you to check MD5 digest value for the installation files prior to instal. The digest as listed below. We can suggest as a source of a check program.

By default the program and help files will be installed in c:\PictorialImageProcessor directory, examples will go into Examples subdirectory. The installer will create a shortcut to the executable pip.exe for 32-bit Windows and pip64.exe for 64-bit Windows operating systems. Run Pictorial Image Processor© by double-clicking on the shortcut. Depending on configuration of your system you may need to install the runtime components of the operating system. For 32-bit operating system you will find them here and for 64-bit Vista or Windows 7/8 you will find them here. Since they make part of your operating system it is safe if you get them from the original manufacturer, the Microsoft.

Running the examples please note that the project file stores the full path to the images supplied as an input in the project. If you install Pictorial Image Processor© into a directory other than suggested by the installation, the application may ask for the image path. When you save the exemplary project, the correct path will be recorded.

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To download a copy of Pictorial Image Processor© for 64-bit Windows click on the pip64 button below


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All our executables including self-extracting Setup are digitally signed.

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